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Starting in 2020 we will start producing the First 100% Recycled Pet Thermoform containers in the region

Through the production of our Recycled Pet Containers, we exemplify a Circular Economy, through the collection of millions of Plastic Pet Beverage Bottles from throughout the Americas, many from coastal areas , where we collect Ocean Bound Plastics.

Our Pet Thermoform Containers, are not only are made of 100% Recycled Plastic, but we can recycled them again, and again. With each time we Recycle, not only are we ensuring we keep our planet clean, but we provide a solution out of poverty, as we provide jobs to thousands of people of any level of education be it a man or a woman, who make a living from the collection of plastics.

Your ideas, Your Products, Your Packaging

We can custom design our 100% Recycled Packaging to meet your needs, in your time.


Food Grade Approved